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Due to the particular communication needs of the members of the server, we have created several custom emoji to serve as shorthand in conversation.

Power Emoji

Name Preview Meaning
Role, shortcode :crown: Role.png The crown emoji is used when someone is talking in an official capacity as a staff member. This might not reflect how they feel as a player, but reflects their thoughts as they are fulfilling their role.
Player, shortcode :player: Player.png This emoji is the image of a crown inside of a circle with a slash through it. This emoji is used when someone is talking solely on how they feel as a player and not intending to carry official significance with it.

Clarity Emoji

Name Preview Meaning
Neutral Observation, shortcode :neutralobservation: Neutralobservation.png This emoji is used to express a non-judgmental observation or personal preference. It is intended to mark statements that may come off as hurtful or judgmental but are meant neutrally as expressions of one's observation or experience.