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By joining this group, you consent to others:

  • Sharing something intimate
  • Expressing any emotion that most people would evaluate as 'negative', e.g. anger or sadness
  • Revealing to a player that you have a 'negative' emotion that you associate with them

This consent applies only within the group, but cannot be revoked except by leaving the group.



bold = hard rule[1]

Do not Suggested alternative
Blame[2] others for your[3] thoughts, feelings or actions. Tell them "I resent[4] you for specific act"
Coerce, manipulate or demand[5] Say what you want without a guarantee of getting it.
Evaluate/judge thoughts, feelings, actions, characteristics or people as good or bad describe the thought, feeling, action, characteristic or person as accurately[6] as you can.
Make assumptions about others meanings, contrary to the interpretiation table below, and keep them a secret notice and report on your theories about others, and ask if they are true
Leave when your emotions are intense Describe the sensations you're experiencing
HARDCORE MODE[7]: Saying the things you're most afraid not to say HARDCORE MODE: Search your mind for the thing you're most afraid to say, and say it


Instead of thinking this Hear this
person is judging/attacking me neutral reports of their sensory and cognitive data
person doesn't want me around person is extremely glad/grateful for my being here
person wants me to change my thoughts/words/behaviour[8] person is glad I think/speak/behave this way

  1. hard rules are to protect others, so don't break them. Everything else is primarily to help you and is therefore optional.
  2. saying e.g. "I blame you for my anger" in the context of the understanding that your anger is not actually their responsibility, is fine
  3. or anyone else's
  4. substitute with "appreciate" when you feel it
  5. For example, any implication that there is an objectively correct course of action that a person should take
  6. It's okay to start vague and make mistakes, or to say "I don't know", and then perhaps look for more accurate words later.
  7. for the fearless who want to go deeper.
  8. but hasn't asked me to