How to claim land

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Getting started

ConsentCraft uses the GriefPrevention plugin, which allows players to claim land and protects individual player's claims.

This video will show you how to make your first land claim using the plugin. Note that ConsentCraft uses a wooden shovel instead of a golden shovel to claim land.

Claiming more land

You can claim land without using a chest by clicking use on a block while holding a shovel. When you click a block with your shovel, you will see a prompt saying "Claim corner set." Next, walk (or swim) to where you want the second corner (diagonal from the first) to be placed. Your claim will be set according to these two corners.

Be careful not to randomly click blocks with a wooden shovel unless you are intending to create a new claim- otherwise you may accidentally create a single-block claim. Single-block claims can go unnoticed, but may later cause problems for other players who try to extend a claim into the area of a single-block claim. Use the command /ClaimsList if you are having difficulty finding an a claim you created accidentally.

Testing the boundaries of claims

Pressing use while holding a stick will tell you whether the block you are looking at is claimed by someone. If the block is claimed, the owner of the claim will be displayed, and you will see gold and glowstone blocks appear on the borders of the claim, showing you where it is. You can use this method to check your own claim boundaries as well. You can also use the command /ClaimsList to see a list of all of your claims.

Player Commands

This page lists all of the player commands for GriefPrevention.