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How to link a portal to the nether network

Building your overworld portal frame

  1. Before building a new portal in an area, check the dynmap portal markers to make sure there isn't already another portal close-by (as in close enough that yours wouldn't serve a purpose).
  2. Gather your materials to build the portal frame (minimum 10 obsidian per portal).
  3. Build your portal frame, but DO NOT light it (yet).

Determining where to build your nether-side portal

  1. Stand in your un-lit overworld portal frame, and press F3 to get the x and z coordinates.
  2. Divide these x and z coordinates by 8; the resulting numbers will be the coordinates of your netherside portal.
  3. Use dynmap to help you determine which nether network tunnel will be closest to the coordinates for your nether-side portal. Your portal coordinates may be between two tunnels, but just pick one for now. (Note: you may have to extend one of the nether tunnels before building your portal.)

Building your nether-side portal

  1. Light your overworld-side portal, but DO NOT go through it. Instead, travel to the nearest overworld portal (other than the one you just built) and go through it to access the nether network. Don't forget your portal building materials!
  2. Go to the nether hub (netherside 0,0) and locate the nether network tunnel which your nether-side portal will be built off of. Travel down the tunnel, getting as close as you can to the x,z coordinates that your portal will be built at. This may require you to extend the network tunnel (only extend network tunnels in the direction they are already going).
  3. Once you are as close as possible to your x,z coordinates, start building a smaller tunnel off the main network tunnel until you reach the appropriate x,z coordinates.
  4. Build your nether-side tunnel at the appropriate x,z coordinates.

The final step

Light your nether-side portal and go through. If you did everything correctly, you should end up at the overworld portal you created. Congrats, your portal is linked to the network!

Rather not do it yourself?

If you don't wish to connect yourself to the nether network, ask fraserfir to connect you for free! Ask in game or on discord.