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ConsentCraft suffered a social catastrophe. The game server is technically still running largely unchanged, but the players (and therefore the culture, social structure, rules, and even the name 'ConsentCraft') have all gone.

Update: ConsentCraft has become Unimportant.

WARNING: We are still learning, and we make a lot of mistakes. Only join if you are prepared for this. We are working towards a safe and inclusive space, but it is not perfectly safe yet. Only join if you are prepared for this and want to help us achieve this vision (even just by complaining).

If you would like to join the ConsentCraft Project, please fill out the whitelist application.

This server for any adults who want to play on it and can follow the rules, but it is designed around autistic needs. We're also also queer and non-binary friendly. We ask that you be aware of your privilege(s) while playing on this server, but privilege does not bar anyone from joining (we are friendly[1], we promise).

Reasons you should join ConsentCraft:

  • By and for adults
  • Accepting place for people with autism-related difficulties and trans/non-binary/queer individuals, so long as they are willing and able to practice consent.
  • Possible opportunity to take on responsibilities so you feel like you're creating the server, not just playing on it as user.
  • The world will never be reset, and the server is unlikely to disappear. Worst that might happen is not getting updated (e.g. because the person in charge of the technical side doesn't feel like it).
  • An opportunity to learn consent, and get feedback when you behave badly. This is something that many autistic people struggle with - when you mess up socially, people don't tell you, they just stop talking to you. On ConsentCraft people are more likely to express their resentments, so you know what others are thinking about you. This may be a bad thing for you if you can't cope with that, but this does not mean you'll be shunned for making a mistake. As long as you are willingly putting forth effort to respect others and their boundaries, you should be fine. (This may also be a bad thing if you can't cope with that.)
  • AutismChat plugin (User guide)
  • Semi-vanilla with GriefPrevention, Teleports, and a global trading market (eventually).
  • The server is based in the UK, but our members are from various locations (if you see a mix of UK and American spelling on this wiki, this is why)
  • We're really lovely.
  • We have a well organised and active-but-hopefully-not-overwhelming Discord server where the majority of communication takes place. We discuss in-game projects, make administrative decisions, resolve personal issues, and talk about Steven Universe. Needles to say, joining the Discord server is highly recommended.

A note about practicing consent: Players are encouraged to do things only for their own enjoyment rather than to please others. If you enjoy helping others, go for it, but you are not obligated to do so. Consent is not just permission, if a "yes" doesn't feel enthusiastic, then if is really a "no" in disguise. Learning to say no is an important skill, please use this server to practice (if you want), and feel free to ask for help and encouragement with saying no to stuff you don't actively want.

If you find something not to your liking or not organized the way it should be, you may be just the person we've been waiting for to do that! Feel free to suggest new community projects, or volunteer your services for community projects which are currently in the works.

How does the whitelist acceptance process work?

80% of our applicants are whitelisted within 24 hours of applying. The other 20% may take longer, for one or more of the following reasons: incomplete or brief application, questionable understanding of consent and/or privilege, age (under 18), or other. If it has been a week and you haven't heard from the whitelist manager, consider submitting another application with more details about yourself and why you're excited about joining the server.

If your application is accepted, you will receive an email with all pertinent server information, including links to the server itself, the dynmap, and an invite link to our discord server.

  1. except Freyr