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Spawn/The Warren

The warren is located north of the spawn house. The area between the spawn house and the warren has a wheat and sugar cane farm, a cow pen, and a sheep pen, along with various other things.

Automatic Potato/Carrot Farm

Accessed through a tunnel off of the warren

Nether Network

All the world's netherside portals are joined to the nether network, located just below the upper bedrock layer. The 8 main tunnels branch off of the nether nub located at nether coordinates 0,0.

Funland Village (a.k.a Villager Repository)

Located over the ocean between the warren and SavannaS's Wayward Base. (See librarian trades for the available enchanted book deals).

Overworld 0,0

Not much yet, check back later.

XP Farms

Zombie XP Farm

Located near spawn off of the warren

Skeleton XP Farm

(under renovation) Located near 0,0

Double Cave Spider XP Farm

The Cave Spider farm will be renovated to include a crushing mechanism for the spiders, and to improve XP collection.

Blaze XP Farm

By far the most effective XP farm. Go here for the quickest XP yield. Located off of the northwest nether network tunnel.

Music Disc Farm

(Work in progress)