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Spawn/The Warren

World spawn is located around the spawn house at (x,z) = (244,256) The warren is located north of the spawn house. The area between the spawn house and the warren has a wheat and sugar cane farm, a cow pen, and a sheep pen, along with various other things.

The warren has several chests of free stuff for new players. There is also a "borrow" chest with certain more valuable items which should be returned later.

While the main area around the spawn house and the warren is lit, the spawn penninsula needs more lighting to be 100% safe. If you would like to help with this, just go place some torches (or jack o' lanterns) in any dark areas you find. It will be appreciated.

Automatic veggie farm

Accessed through a tunnel off of the warren, the automatic veggie farm is located around (x,z) = (346,125). It is marked with a cutlery icon on dynmap. The farm collects and stores carrots, potatoes and wheat (seeds from wheat are sorted out). There is also a pumpkin farm here, but you will have to harvest the pumpkins manually (for now at least).

Automatic pumpkin and melon farming will be added soon

Cobble generator

Generates cobble. (hehe) The cobble generator makes 1 block of cobble at a time with strategically placed water and lava. Screenshot to be added.


The junkyard is located inside the warren behind the cobble generator.

Nether network

All the world's netherside portals are joined to the nether network, located just below the upper bedrock layer of the nether. The 8 main tunnels branch off of the nether hub located at nether coordinates 0,0.

Go here for help getting connected to the nether network.

End portals

Two End portals have been discovered so far. The first End portal was discovered by SavannaS in a mesa biome [located around (x,z) = (-3031,8045)] and the second by Unnamed__Player in an ice plains biome [located around (x,z) = (-1464,-1483)].

Post office (a.k.a. Gay church)

The post office is located at (x,z) = (895,35). Players can claim a mailbox at the post office so other players can deliver or gift items to you, and so you can receive emeralds from periodic emerald distribution. If you wish to opt out of receiving emeralds, please message FlyingRatDog (emerald distributor) in Discord.

Community casino

The community casino is located just south of the post office. It features gambling machines and villager roulette. The casino is somewhat of a work in progress.

Gift giving tree

The gift giving tree is located at (x,z) = (847,236). The tree is surrounded by hoppers and chests, one for each current player. Players can give each other gifts by placing them in a player's chest hopper. The gift giving tree used to be the only way of giving items to a player before construction of the post office (without taking items directly to a player that is).

Chicken coop

The chicken coop is located east of the warren along the path to Funland Village at (x,z) = (388,139). Eggs are collected in a chest behind the coop.

Funland village (a.k.a. villager repository)

Located over the ocean between The Warren and SavannaS's wayward base, coordinates (x,z) = (530,188). The repository serves as villager storage and the temporary location for villager trading. Future plans include a mall for villagers trades, with only the best villagers available. SavannaS breeds and sorts the villagers for trading. See librarian trades page for the available enchanted book deals.

When trade with villagers in Funland, please try to avoid locking trades. If a villager locks one of its trades, you may be able to unlock it by accepting one of their other trades.

Overworld 0,0

Teleport Hub

Overworld coordinates 0,0 is home to the teleport hub. Most teleports will be linked to here.

Selling machines

Located at (x,z) = (-286,-13). There are two selling machines, one for teleport command blocks, and another for mending + infinity bows. The price for both machines is 1 stack of emerald blocks (a.k.a. 64 blocks). Note that if you want to be able to teleport to *and* from a place you will need to buy two command blocks.

XP farms

Zombie XP farm

The zombie farm can be accessed through a tunnel off of the warren, coordinates (x,z) = (287,140).

Skeleton XP farm

Coordinates (x,z) = (-317,35). Go here for arrows, bonemeal, or if you just want to take out some frustration on some skellies.

Blaze XP farm

By far the most effective XP farm. Go here for the quickest XP yield. Located off of the northwest nether network tunnel at nether coordinates (x,z) = (-170,-75).

Enderman XP farm

The Enderman XP farm is located to the east off of the spawn island in the End at coordinates (x,z) = (332,4). This farm looks really cool, but is currently pants-shittingly terrifying. Walls will be added around the ladder and edges of the ice path eventually.

Other mob-related farms

General mob farm

Located next to Funland village at coordinates (x,z) = (463,134). This is not an XP farm, mobs are auto-killed by magma and drops collect in a chest.

Music disc farm

The music disc farm is located in a savanna biome northeast of spawn, on the edge of the desert (next to the abandoned NPC village labeled Porktown on dynmap). The coordinates are (x,z) = (725,-812). Spare discs are sorted in a little room inside the farm- players may take discs from the chests, but should NOT take discs from the item frames. The farm also collects gunpowder (also free to take), but a more efficient gunpowder specific farm will be implemented later.

Note: May break after 1.13 update. This farm currently relies on signs blocking the flow of water. We may be able to remodel it after the update, but we aren't sure yet.

Double cave spider string farm

(Under renovation) The cave spider farm is located underground in an island at coordinates (x,z) = (1350, 450). The cave spider farm used to be an XP farm, but there are already many useful XP farms in the world with mobs that won't poison you when you try to collect XP. The spider farm is going to be converted to an auto-farm for string. There are a few fishermen and/or fletchers on the island for players to trade string.

Iron farm

(Work in progress) Coordinates (x,z) = (147,270). The iron farm has some issues, but is sometimes usable if you get lucky. If you want to try AFKing for iron, go to the iron farm basement and press the reset button (north/right side of the basement). When resetting works, it takes around 90 minutes, and the player has to stay in the iron farm while it is resetting and afterwards to collect iron.

Slime farm

(Work in progress) Coordinates (x,z) = (744,104).

Drowned/Trident Farm (Future Project)

We have located a zombie spawner just of the coast near the skeleton farm which could be used as a trident farm in update 1.13. It has been connected to the skeleton farm via an underground/underwater tunnel, and we've dug out the spawn room in preparation for a new farm. Just waiting for 1.13 so we can build it!

Gunpowder Farm (Future Project)

The first god forsaken jungle

This used to be the only jungle discovered in the world. Portal located at coordinates (x,z) = (5340,2632). Trees have been mostly removed from the small bit of land around the portal, but players should feel free to replant. Tree removal was done to make it easier to find ocelots and parrots.

Mushroom Biome

There is a small mushroom island located around (x,z) = (2048,16).