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A list of positions of power and players who occupy them, So you know who to ask when you want something done/changed that you can't do/change yourself.

Position of Power Name Username status
Writer of rules Freyr froop uncomfortable
Game server configurer ('Dungeon Master') Freyr froop comfortable
Whitelist manager (therefore application decider and weilder of the ban hammer)[1] Evan fraserfir comfortable
Discord server owner
Dynmap marker manager
Teleport block installer[2]
Discord Emoji manager
wiki owner and ultimate decider Evan fraserfir more than happy
Wiki manager(s) unfilled
Emerald distributor[3]
Domain name owner/manager Freyr froop tolerable
creative world manager unfilled
Grief Prevention manager

If you want to take on a position of power/responsibility, ask the @powerful on discord.

Other things that would be nice to have, but are a bit more one-off (don't require a permanent position of power):

  • a logo
  • very cautious, niche advertising, e.g. on Tumblr, very specific subreddits, Twitter? Please ask Evan first, saying where you want to advertise.
  • a safe and informative spawn area?

  1. The closest thing to a member of staff in-game. If you have a problem with another player and have not been able to work out the problem by talking to the player, or are not comfortable approaching the player, email Evan at ccwhitelist@gmail.com. Please allow up to 48 hours for reply. In the meantime, you can avoid interacting with the player by playing on /red, not joining their party, and/or turning global chat off.
  2. you must first obtain a command block from the machine for 1 stack of emerald blocks. For two-way teleportation (to and from a place) you will need to purchase 2 command blocks.
  3. emeralds from the creative item vending machines are distributed equally among active mailboxes. You may opt-in by placing a green concrete block in the item frame on the side of your mailbox, otherwise place a red block. Those who don't have mailboxes will not receive emeralds. Instructions on how to claim a mailbox are on the wall of the post office.