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There's really only one rule: consent where practical. If you want more detail on what this means, please follow these guidelines. Feel free to ask for clarification if you're unsure whether an action is permissible.

The rule: Do not take any action that might affect another player or players without the verbal consent of all it would affect. see table below of examples and exceptions.

Example actions that might affect another player or players. Permitted Exception(s) for which you don't need explicit consent
Demolishing or adding to something that has been built by a player. Within the admin claim at spawn anyone may mine, build, or modify other players' work so long as it does not create a hazard.
Taking something from a chest. admin claim at spawn
Anything that consumes disproportionate server resources, e.g. constantly running redstone clocks (lots of processing). Exploring new terrain. Staying logged in while AFK.
Building a base out of sight of any other player's claimed, perceivable builds.
Attacking another player.
Using mods that give you an advantage that other players lack, e.g. x-ray (cheating). Convenience mods, like Map mods, inventory sorting? aah I dunno. optifine?
Claiming land Claiming a reasonable† amount of land in a commonly available biome.
Visiting someone at their base.
Giving someone a gift. Anonymous gifting.
altering the wilderness Killing and moving wild animals and collecting drops. Raiding automatically generated structures.
talking to other players Joining someone in a party and asking if they want a conversation with you or whether they'd prefer to be alone. Using global chat to make an announcement that you want everyone on the server (rather than a specific person) to hear. Use of any AutismChat command at any time, including leaving a party.
Bothering staff in game about stuff to do with their staff role their username is blue
Using gendered language to speak about another player They've told you how to gender them, or it's public knowledge, on this wiki or in the Discord.

†The further away your claim is from spawn/0,0 the larger your claim can reasonably be. Just like the sun is enormous but very far away so it is small in the sky. 30 degrees is probably